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Namaste, Sat Nam, and Welcome. I am so genuinely happy you have chosen to spend some time on my website and shop. I hope you enjoy your time here and find something that resonates with you, be it a crystal, a thought, or a new bracelet. As I am journeying through this earth school, I have found great healing, joy, and empowerment through crystal bracelets. Sometimes they have been souvenirs on a trip to a yoga studio or festival that later takes me back to that energy of the experience. I have purchased many bracelets in twos or threes and paired them energetically to each of my children, giving us each a beautiful link that transcends space and time. I have researched crystals to help me heal a particular wound and worn a bracelet as I work through it through journaling, yoga and meditation. I have used crystals to strengthen my chakras when I need a boost, such as wearing lapis lazuli and aquamarine to align my throat chakra before a challenging conversation to optimize my communication. I have worn bracelets I just have felt drawn to for their beauty or energy without knowing why. They have helped me heal past wounds, get through challenging times emotionally and physically, and brought me great joy. They have truly been a tool I have used to alchemize my life. This is the gift I wish to share with you my friend. I truly believe this life experience is about growing and evolving, taking a journey inward to learn and feel on a deep level, transmuting the negative into growth to propel us forward as more conscious versions of ourselves.


Life is a string of experiences and relationships, each providing an opportunity to learn. Or not. The choice is always ours, coast along the surface going through the motions or getting messy and diving deep to emerge with clearer purpose and understanding. This is the magic of alchemy. I want to share these beautiful bracelets and crystals with you as a tool to facilitate this process for you. A gift of beauty created by Mother Earth, cleansed and infused with positive reiki energy to create a tool to help you dive deeper into your beautiful soul and emerge a bit stronger, a bit more complete, a bit more aware of who you are. I am honored for your time. May we all raise our own energy, thus expanding and growing the whole of humanity in a positive direction of peace and beauty.

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