All in the Name of Love

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

One word. Infinite meanings.

Language is such a beautiful tool to communicate the thoughts, dreams, and threads of our being. When this information is woven together, it creates an impression of our soul. We have come to throw words around without much consideration or precision, and thus they have become worn and bland. How can the word love, for example, encompass such an expanse of emotions, from love for a favorite flavor of ice cream to the deepest connection with another human being?

Sanskrit has 96 words for love. Ancient Persian 80. Greek 8. English 1.

In modern times, the English language uses one word to express all the varieties of love. The word love is used to describe infinite emotions and relationships that are as nuanced as the shimmers of a sunset on the ocean. Ancient Greeks identified up to 8 kinds of love from Philautia (self-love) to Eros (erotic love) to Agape (selfless love).

Communication is the tool we use to create our relationships, express our deepest essence and create our culture and society. Words form the building blocks of human expression. Love is one of the most beautiful emotions a being can experience in any of its varied forms. Yet our language is limited in our ability to clearly communicate the many varieties of love.

By accurately communicating the different shades of meaning of this one word, love, we are better able to grow this expansive emotion into our lives. When we think about the kind of love we are experiencing, our thoughts our moved into the positive realm of light. And that light can take root and spread. Turn your thoughts consciously toward love and your whole being is elevated to a higher level.

Eskimos have at least a dozen and up to 30 words for snow and its various forms. It is essential for them to communicate this information about the environment accurately for their survival. How much more important is it for us to accurately express the subtleties of the most basic, beautiful, and sacred emotion we experience? Our ability to accurately communicate our emotions is necessary for our survival as individuals and as a collective species.

The names of the bracelets in the Light and Love Signature Collection reflect different aspects of love in all of its splendor from all different languages. The stones in these bracelets vibrate with the highest frequencies of light and love. Becoming more conscious of this beautiful emotion and all of its subtle energies opens us to see more love all around us. Our thoughts and energy then attract our realities and experiences. And who doesn't want more love in her/his life, in all of its varied expressions of infinite beauty??

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