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'light and love, ali' Signature Bracelets: Be Part of the Wave

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

The signature "light and love, ali" bracelets are a tool of the universe. Designed with stones to raise your vibrations to the highest levels of light and love, the beautiful bangles give you the means to tap into your highest frequencies. Each bracelet is a unique creation, crafted from crystals that amplify the energies of light and love. The frequencies of the variety of crystals harmonize to form a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and energetically uplifting.

We are all made of from the same energy. As we move through this Earth school, these energies are constantly shifting and flowing. Underneath it all, we are joined together in a collective consciousness, all part of the same whole, individual waves of the same substance of humanity. When each individual taps into her/his capacity for peace and love, the collective energy of humanity is elevated.

Like a drop in the pond, the vibrations of light and love initiate a wave. This energy then flows through magical currents and meridians to those around the individual, out into the community and across the earth. Thus the energy of one individual can have far reaching effects.

Spend a moment with each bracelet, feeling which one resonates with you. Trust your intuition of which crystals align with your energy. I have created each one in a vibration of love, peace and respect, knowing that it will find its way to you. Please wear it knowing you are filled with love and light beyond your greatest imaginings. Your power to spread these energies are infinite, like the truths you carry in your soul. May you tap into these inner whispers of your soul and allow them to shine with beauty and magnificence into the world.

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