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Magic of the Signature "light and love, ali" Collection

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

What if we each vibrated at our highest frequency of light and love? What if the primary frequency of our interactions were those of the highest realms? What kind of experiences would we create in our lives? What kind of society and cultures would we create? It is such an overwhelming concept, given all of our preconceived ideas and deeply ingrained patterns of behavior, individually and as a collective. I do know this – the only thing I can truly do is make sure my own vibrations are resonating with light and love.

The bracelets in the light and love,ali collection enhance your ability to do just that. The stones raise your vibrations of light and love to the highest level. Be empowered to shine your radiance of light and love into your life.

Please note: not every bracelet in this collection contains all of these crystals. Please contact me if you have any questions. Choose with your heart and intuition – your soul knows what matches and raises your vibration that you are currently holding.


This heart opening stone also attracts and manifests abundance, creating prosperity in your life. Its energies also resonate with the faerie and nature spirits. Combining energies of the Water and Earth elements, it supports emotional and physical healing and energy balancing. Its essence is the prosperity and abundance of spring after the restoration of winter. It vibrates optimism and helps one move forward into new situations with confidence.

Aventurine reminds you of the cyclical nature of life, the constant state of flux of circumstances. It also helps release your attachments to the past and outcomes in the future. It helps to shift out of the thinking mode and into the heart center, opening you to be the experiences that flow to you. By facilitating the release of the past, it helps you open to the present moment, heart filled with confidence and hope.

Blue Lace Agate

Associated with the throat chakra, this calming stone brings tranquility. It aids your spirit to articulate your Truth. It opens the aura to higher spiritual influences, attuning your vibration with your beliefs at your core, before the influences of societal programs. Tapped into increased understandings of your Truth, you can share your essence with others with improved clarity.

Blue lace agate increases your confidence to express these inner whisperings of your soul. As you become increasingly aware of the reality you wish to create, this stone is an excellent tool to transform your world into alignment with your inner knowing. Our words create our realities. The language you attach to events, emotions, and ideas color their impact on you. Express your highest vibrations with increasing accuracy with your beliefs and wisdom . . . your world and those around you will be re-framed to shift into alignment with the truth you have spoken.


Associated with its namesake, moonstone is the stone of new beginnings. The luminous iridescence reflects light like the full moon and encourages personal introspection. It reminds you that like the moon, everything flows in cycles. As the moon repeatedly waxes and wanes, so do the experiences of our lives. The vibration of this magical stone is identified as being receptive, passive, and intuitive. For beings of feminine energy, moonstone can reveal feminine power, amplify clairvoyance and raise kundalini energy. For beings manifested as masculine energy, moonstone increases intuition and stimulates the right side of the brain to encourage nonlinear thinking. It is the perfect stone to increase intuition and empathy in all beings.

Moonstone's ability to encourage lucid dreaming is amplified at the time of the full moon. It calms emotions and soothes emotional instability and stress. Placing Moonstone over the solar plexus draws out old patterns to be understood in the context of ever-widening and overlapping cycles.

Moonstone aligns us with the Goddess Within and her intuitive knowing of our ever-changing roles in the beautiful patterns that form life. This stone is generally linked with the crown and third eye chakra as it helps tap into intuition and grow empathy. During meditation, it empowers us to dig deep into our psyche and bring the unconscious into awareness for exploration and understanding. This mystical stone taps into the lunar energies and allows intuition to influence decisions over logic.


Associated with the third eye, this green stone is a stone of unconditional love. By linking the heart with the will, you are equipped to follow the whispers of knowing in your heart. With your will linked to your heart rather than your egoic mind, you are moved to follow the call of peace and align with the highest good in each moment. It reminds you that you have endless power and to use it in the flow of love.

Prehnite’s frequency connects you with the universe’s energy grid and collective conscience of all humanity. With your third and fourth chakras open, the electromagnetic field created is more easily accessible as a beacon for beings on other planes to communicate with you. It is said to connect to Archangel Raphael and to spiritual and extraterrestrial beings, strengthening your ability to always be prepared to receive these other frequencies. By listening to these messages from higher realms and the song of your own soul, you are elevated closer to your Highest Self.

Prehnite seals the auric field in a protective shield. It harmonizes your energy with nature and the forces of the elements, revitalizing and renewing your surroundings. It spreads renewal and hope, connecting you to the heart of Nature and linking our hears and the heart of the planet. It is a Feng Shui stone of de-cluttering. It restores belief in divine manifestation. It is known as a crystal that heals the healer.

Quartz (Rose)

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. It is the quintessential stone for unconditional love and infinite peace. It radiates feelings of pure love and compassion. It clears and calms the heart chakra, opening it to experience love. The gentle frequency of rose quartz helps to release jealousy and anger. By drawing off negative energies, it opens room for positive and loving vibrations.

Rose quartz promotes receptivity to beauty at all levels. It comforts grief after love has gone wrong and heals the wounds left behind. It teaches how to love yourself, building this vibration so that it may be shared with others. It invokes self- worth and self-trust. The calming pink hues amplify love and allow you to see your genuine connection to everyone. When given as talisman of love, compassion and understanding expands through the world.

As we as a collective shift into new pardigms, a strong heart is essential. The heart center is the strongest generator of Light energy in the body. Let the energies of rose quartz open the seeds of love in your heart so the light and love can grow into a thousand-petaled lotus of Light.


This pink stone is associated with the heart chakra. It represents selfless love and compassion. It uplifts your sense of self-worth and reminds you that in order to love others, you must love yourself first. It helps with improving self-nurturing and healing inner scars from past difficulties. Working with rhondochrosite can repair holes and tears in the auric field around your heart chakra. It clears the solar plexus and base chakras, bringing up repressed feelings to be explored and released. It enables you to face all aspects of truth with loving awareness.

The calming and gentle vibration of rhondochrosite releases feelings of stress and tension. It attracts love and soulmates, the people who help us to learn our lessons in this life. It expands consciousness and integrates the spiritual with the material energies. It links you to your higher self and integrates new information.

Choose the combination of crystals of these gorgeous bracelets from the light and love,ali collection that resonates with your energies. Each bracelet is uniquely crafted with the highest of vibrations. Wear one or layer multiple bracelets - be empowered to spread your light and love into the whole of humanity.

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