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Magic of the Metal Ox Collection

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

According to Chinese astrology, 2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox. The energy of the year is characterized by the ox, a draft animal used in farming for hard labor, exhibiting the characteristics of patience, persistence, and achievement. Things move slower in a Metal Ox year. The steps of rebuilding, from clearing the field to enjoying the harvest, march slowly but steadily forward. The element of metal is about organizing resources, knowing what you have and using it, and storing just enough for the future.

The year of 2021 brings an opportunity for transformation. Maybe it is a slow transformation, breaking down old habits and creating new patterns of behavior and thinking. As a plow is moved through the earth, it meets resistance. It is the ox’s steady pull forward that keeps the plow moving.

Ride on the energy of this gentle creature in 2021. Capitalize on the energies of strength and persistence to keep your own growth and expansion moving forward by wearing a bracelet from the Metal Ox Collection. Sometimes the progression is faster than others, but keep the momentum moving forward. It is the things we do day to day, moment by moment that make the biggest impact on the unfolding of our lives.

The energy of some crystals resonate with similar frequencies of the energy of the ox. To maximize your Metal Ox energy through 2021, wear onyx and sardonyx. These crystals impart long term strength, durability, protection, and earth energy to build your life. Onyx’s energy matches the strength and steadfastness of the ox, while sardonyx increases the will to discover and desire for success and power. Tapping into the lucky vibration of green energy, Malachite will help safeguard you from misfortune and increase your luck. Malachite is your partner to craft conditions for success in business and in all aspects of life. The metallic surface of the hematite grounds one into the physical earth, helping you to see practical concerns and move forward with useful action.


Magic of the Crystals


Corresponding with the root chakra, hematite’s vibration grounds and protects. It’s strong yang element that boosts self-esteem, survival and will power. This frequency compels one to move forward in confidence toward one’s Truth. It removes limitations and aids expansion. Grounding you into the physical realm, it counteracts spaciness and confusion, transmuting these energies into useful action.

These properties also makes hematite an excellent choice to aid manifestation. By bringing attention to unfulfilled desires that may be influencing behavior subconsciously, it helps you come to terms with mistakes and reframe them as learning experiences instead of disasters. Dissolving negativity in the aura, it harmonizes and restores peace to the body.

Traditionally, hematite aids in legal situations. It is also used to help overcome compulsions and addictions.


Malachite connects with the heart and sacral chakras. It builds a profound sense of compassion and empathy towards others by opening the heart. It helps to stabilize and balance emotions. Malachite clears an area of radiation and electromagnetic pollutants. It is a powerful energy conduit.

A stone of transformation, it illuminates blockages to your spiritual growth, drawing out deep seated patterns and teaching you how to take responsibility for your actions. It releases inhibitions and encourages expressing feelings.

Malachite has a strong affinity for devic forces and protects against the Evil eye and evil spirits. It can be used for scrying. It amplifies both positive and negative energies so keep this in mind as you move through the energies of your day.


Onyx is a variety of Chalcedony that links with the root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras. It increases inner strength, willpower, self-discipline and reason. It centers one’s energy and aligns it with higher guidance. Connecting you with the energies of the whole universe, it can transport you into your future knowing.

The capacity of onyx to hold the vibrations of past memories makes it a useful tool to tap into past-life experiences. These frequencies can be brought up and re-examined, and then released or reframed. By increasing strength, you are facilitated to be a master of your destiny. Promoting vigor, steadfastness and stamina, it imparts self-confidence and persistence to carry tasks to completion.

Onyx recognizes and integrates dualities. Its grounding anchors higher energies into stability. When faced with challenging tasks, onyx increases stability and strength, narrowing focus and allowing one to deal with current dealings without depleting reserves. It assists you to contain your energies rather than allowing them to dissipate. This knowing grounds you into your strength, bringing peace to your spirit, calming to your mind and easing anxieties and nervousness. This increased will power helps you take charge of the now and stand your ground against opposing forces.

Onyx is also a stone for integration. The vibration of onyx aligns well with other stones by consolidating the energies of other stones. It helps you to integrate spiritual insights into your own knowing.


This stone is a stone of strength and protection. It facilitates the search for a meaningful existence. It helps the wearer to behave with virtue and integrity. Its vibration attracts friends and good fortune. It eliminates hesitancy and bestows will power and strength, catalyzing forward progression in one’s life. By bestowing will power, stamina, and vigor, sardonyx increases self-control and will power.

This form of chalcedony was worn in Roman times by soldiers as talisman to guard from evil and bring good fortune, believing the stone would make the wearer brave and daring. Its vibration removes a sense of helplessness or victim mentality, strengthening your power to speak and step into your truth.

The combination of crystals in the bracelets from the Metal Ox Collection tap into the vibrations of the metal ox. They bestow gentle strength and persistence by amplifying these vibrations that already exist within you. By wearing one of the bracelets from the Metal Ox Collection, you are capitalizing on the universal energies that are already prevalent in the world as described by Lunar Chinese Astrology. Utilize the strength of this gentle giant to your advantage and move your life in whatever direction you choose in 2021.

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