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Question Everything

Everything is made up of energy. From people to plants to crystals. These energies flow constantly from thing to thing. The emotions we hold inside have the strongest energy because it is what we focus the most on. Our emotions transmit critical information. Sometimes we need help balancing these energies. The bracelets you see in my collections will help you to keep aligned with different energies. Keeping balanced equips you to consciously create your life. We cycle through infinite energies daily: stress, love, strength, hate, and a whole host of other emotions. What if you had a tool to help you keep your emotional focus where you choose? What do you seek more of?

This is one of the beliefs I currently hold. Like all of the information on my website, I present it to you for your consideration. Try it on if you are open to it. Move around in it and see how it feels. Does the frequency of this belief feel comfortable and calming? Then keep exploring the thought through contemplation, conversation, research, experience. Does this belief feel uncomfortable and discordant? Then discard it. Your essence is expanded just from experiencing it. To me, this is our journey in this Earth School. You get to choose your beliefs. You get to decide what you hold on to and what you release. It is a continual process of alchemy and evolution. The point as I see it is to actively choose.

I don't proclaim to have all or indeed any of the answers. There are infinite paths leading to greater Truth, and each one is equal to the others. The beliefs I present are based on my current understandings based on my experiences. My greatest hope is that these beliefs will be different tomorrow than they are today. If not, what am I doing with my time that is more important than consciously creating my life?

Please take time to review all of the Terms of Service. I want to highlight a few here that I find to be particularly important, but this is not intended to be complete.

The information provided on light and love, ali is not intended to take the place of any treatments or advice provided by your physician, therapist, or other health care professional. Please inform any health practitioner that you are using crystals to augment your health. Always discuss any questions or concerns with your licensed health care professional.

The information on this is site is not a substitute for advice from a licensed health care professional. The information contained in this website are intended to stimulate inquiry and conversation. All visitors are encouraged to conduct due diligence with the information within this site, especially as it relates to your health. Take the time to do your own research about anything that affects your well being. You deserve the very best and most informed care.

If you have a pacemaker or other implant that is electric, please do your own research. Not all crystals are safe for you, such as those containing hematite. This stone can be magnetic. Consult your licensed health practitioner prior to purchasing or wearing any crystals.

Although beautiful and crafted to be sturdy, these bracelets do break. Some believe they break when the person wearing the bracelet has obtained the maximum benefit from the energies of the crystals. Once their energy has shifted, they may no longer resonate with the vibration of the crystals. If the bracelet does break, the beads pose a choking hazard to smaller children. Thus, this jewelry is not intended for children.

Light and love, ali takes all measures to ensure the colors in the pictures are as accurate as possible. The pictures are not digitally enhanced. Due to the environment and lighting, the crystals may appear differently when they arrive. Also, the crystals are created by Mother Gaia, and inherently contain inclusions and irregularities. These are completely normal and make each crystal unique.

I am creating a business that is environmentally aware. I hold Mother Gaia in the highest respect. I am grateful for the gift of these beautiful crystals that have taken thousands to millions of years to be formed. I am aware of the issues surrounding the mines to get them from the earth, and am constantly doing research to try and support companies that source their crystals ethically. I acknowledge that this is an area that I am only beginning to explore and is extremely complex. I will continue to use the beads I currently have in my inventory. Moving forward, I will make the best decision in purchasing crystals from businesses that treat the local communities where the mines are located ethically and fairly. Also to minimize consumption and waste, I am re-using some of the packaging materials that are used when the beads are shipped to me. I am trying to use recycled cardboard boxes to ship you your bracelet. Please reuse them as well as the organza bag.

I purchase crystals designated as AAA quality or the highest quality I can find whenever possible. I am reliant on the seller’s honesty and am not a gemologist myself to double check their word. I won't use crystals that feel heavy or cluttered energetically.

I create these bracelets to be a tool to enhance your spiritual journey. An important part of this is that your transaction and experience with light and love, ali is a positive one. Please always contact me if you aren't satisfied 100% with your experience so we can work together to create a solution.

Please review the full Terms of Service page here. Please review the Refund page here. Please Contact Me here. Please review the Privacy Policy page here.

Question everything. Actively choose your beliefs based on where you currently stand in your journey. Base decisions from your inner knowing. Keep the things that align with this Truth and leave the rest behind. Just keep moving forward, on the path you choose, one beautiful step at a time.

May we all move forward in our growth and expansion. May these bracelets and the information in the website open your heart and mind in some way. May light and love permeate all of us.

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