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Eight Hours of Bliss

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Would you like to leverage your performance in an activity that:

  • boosts energy

  • promotes healing

  • rests the organs

  • strengthens immune response

  • reduces stress

  • lowers risk for health issues such as diabetes and heart disease

  • improves positive mood

  • sharpens cognitive ability

  • and much more???

I believe that was a collective and emphatic "YES PLEASE!!!!!"

Physical Benefits

Sleep benefits you in countless ways including stress reduction, immune system boost, cardiovascular strengthening, and cognitive sharpening. While you snooze, blood flow increases to muscles, bringing oxygen and nutrients to help cells recover, repair, and regenerate. Also while you are apparently resting peacefully, a war is waging inside of you. Your immune system seeks, identifies and destroys harmful bacteria and viruses. Lack of sleep slows the attack and leaves you vulnerable for more sickness. Blood pressure drops while you snooze away, giving the heart and the blood vessels a break.

Sleep is also imperative for our brains to function at maximal levels. Sleep allows the brain a chance to properly store memories and information so they are more readily accessible when needed. This improves learning and memory.

Trying to lose weight? A proper night's sleep can bolster your efforts. Sleep regulates the hormones leptin and ghrelin that control appetite, bolstering your ability to resist the temptations of unhealthy food and decreasing appetite.

Spiritual Benefits

In addition to physical benefits, your spiritual body also improves from a good night's slumber. The night is ruled by lunar energies, qualities generally associated with intuition, restoration, and integration. The sun’s energies aid in our ability to do . . . the moon’s energies help us to be. Through rest, you process physical, emotional, and spiritual information, integrating the day’s experiences and lessons into your current patterns. When this processing time during sleep is disrupted, energies become stuck and stagnant, leading to continuing in the same cycles and repeating past mistakes.

Leverage in the form of a Gorgeous Unique Bracelet

The stones in the bracelets in the Restorative Sleep Collection, when worn on the wrist, placed under the pillow or on a night stand, will help to calm your energy and relax your mind, promoting a deep and blissful sleep. As you enter the flow of rest, your body alchemizes, literally transmuting the negative effects of daily life into healthier tissues and energies. You expand your inner knowing through restoration.

The moonstone helps your vibration sync with the moon and utilize the vibrations of intuition. Long used to aid insomnia through history, amethyst calms the energy and increases openness to one’s knowing. Rose quartz covers you in a blanket of love and self-acceptance.

This bracelet is a tool to aid in your daily restoration while you sleep to increase your knowing as well as your energy when you begin a new day.

Maximize the healing of you during sleep. Use this beautiful crystal instrument to restore your mind, body and soul while you slumber. Awaken each morning as a rejuvenated version of yourself.

Wishing you many sweet dreams and restful zzzzzzzz's.

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