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Saging and Other Purifying Magic

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

The power of crystals lies in their ability to influence the human energy system, the chakras and the aura. Crystals and stones have been used by medicine people and shaman for millennia. Crystals pick up all energy, good and bad, from the environment and the user. Since they absorb all of this energy, they need to be cleansed on a regular basis. Clearing this interference allows them to function at the optimal level.

Crystals work energetically, absorbing and releasing energy from and into their surroundings. When the stones are raw in the earth, this creates a beautiful energetic exchange with the surrounding natural environment. When we bring crystals into the man-made world, however, they interact with numerous energetic fields. The crystals absorb the negative vibrations and fear based energies from people and the surroundings. Over time, this energy accumulates in the crystal and can even overwhelm the stone's natural vibrational state. This negative energy needs to be cleansed regularly from the crystals to keep them functioning at their highest frequency.

One technique to clear and clean a crystal is with smoke. With origins believed to be rooted in ancient Native American cultures, smudging has been used to remove negative energies since antiquity. Smudging is the practice of burning fragrant herbs or resins. To begin, a sage bundle or palo santo stick is burned and moved in a counter clockwise circle. The objects to be cleansed, in this case the crystals, are then passed through the smoke multiple times. It is believed that the smoke and ashes absorb the negative energy and carry it away to be transmuted by the universe.

There are numerous other methods to clear your crystals as well. Water has been used in ceremonies to signify cleansing and blessings for ages. Many believe salt water should be used due to the protective qualities of the salt. The rocks can be placed in the water overnight. In the morning, care must be exercised to remove all of the salt residue. This method should be researched carefully prior to using as the water and salt can degrade certain crystals and their finish. Selenite and those that contain copper or iron, such as malachite, hematite, chryscolla, and pyrite, should not be cleared using this method. Lapis lazuil and turquoise can also be damaged by prolonged exposure to water.

Crystals can be cleansed by the energies of the sun and moon as well. Again, caution must be exercised using the sun's rays, as some clear-colored crystals such as amethyst, citrine, and celestine will fade when left in the sun too long. The light from the full moon can be used both the cleanse and charge the crystals. Usually a few hours in theses cosmic rays will remove the negative energies from the stones. These cosmic energy can also be used to raise your own vibration, as seen in my Sun and Moon Collection. The moonstone and sunstone help to increase your intuition and motivation.

Mother Earth can also be used to remove negative energies from crystals. The crystals can simply be buried in the soil for 24 hours. The stones need not be buried deep, but just covered by a thin layer of the dirt. A pot with a growing plant can be used if the ground is not accessible. The Earth Energy draws out the negativity from the crystal and transmutes it

Other crystals can be used to draw out negativity from crystals. They are self cleansing, and also can clear other crystals. Some favorites include amethyst geodes, selenite, carnelian, and hematite.

Sound can also purify stones. Collect the stones in one area and ring a hand bell over them 9 times. A Tibetan sound bowl can be rung over them too for about a minute or until the vibration ceases. This should be repeated two more times. This method is said to be effective if the crystals have absorbed intense sorrow.

There are so many methods that it can be overwhelming. I believe it is not the particular method you choose, but rather the intention you place behind it. Your own personal energy acts as a catalyst to remove the negative vibrations. When you notice a crystal losing its efficacy or carrying a heavy feeling, pick a method, set the intention to clear the negative energies, and create your own purification magic.

In the process of creating each bracelet, I cleanse the crystals multiple times – usually by smudging them with smoke from sage or palo santo. While unpacking and organizing new crystal beads , I cleanse them by running them through the purifying smoke. I regularly sage the area in which the jewelry is created. I hold the highest intent and mantra to infuse the beads with light and love as I work with the crystals to craft the bracelet. A mantra box is also playing 24/7 in my work space to dispel negativity and raise the vibration space's energy. Lastly, each bracelet is saged thoroughly prior to packing them for shipping or sale in person. It is also infused with Reiki energy so the crystals are optimized to receive your intention.

You can be confident that your beautiful bracelet arrives home to you clear of any negativity and ready to be infused with your personal intention without any interfering energy.

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