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"The illusion is we are only physical" - Vanna Bonta

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Everything is energy and energy is everything. Quantum physics discovers more and more of these fascinating concepts everyday. Not going to lie - the concepts blow my mind that has been educated in a system that only believes what it sees and can prove. But I don't buy it. Not anymore. There is so much more to this world and life that exists beyond what our limited five senses can perceive and reveal.

We know this instinctively at a basic level. The ancients didn't feel a need to justify and explain what they already knew deep in their soul. They trusted their spiritual senses more than their physical ones. They knew there exists an underlying force, or energy, or Spirit that is the essence of all that is.

The chakras are one of the three main systems that organize this subtle energy for human use. Subtle energy is the life force that animates all. Known as many names, such as Prana, Qi, and Chi, it is difficult to define the indefinable. Prana (Sanskrit) is defined as the life force or vital energy that permeates the body and is especially concentrated along the midline in the chakras. The chakras are constantly connecting the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The energy system of the chakras then interacts intimately with the other energy systems, meridians and auric fields.

Chakras are organs designed to manage energy in the body. Described as spinning wheels of light, these energy centers function as transformers. They are continuously changing subtle energy into physical energy and back again. Chakras utilize all properties of energy vibrations to process information and experiences on physical, psychological, and spiritual levels. These include color, vibration, frequency and spin.

According to the Hindu system, there are 7 basic chakras.

Each chakra plays a vital role to help us function on every level of reality.

Life happens. We are constantly picking up energy from our surroundings and other people, and creating our own energies through our thoughts, words and actions. Sometimes we are aware of this, but most of the time not so much. Our chakras become blocked, over active or under active for many reasons: emotional upset, illness, karmic issues, and issues from past lives or childhood. That's where the crystals, such as those used in the Chakra Collection, become your ally.

Crystals are minerals that follow a geometrical arrangement when formed which makes them highly stable in their energetic vibration. This stability make them a tool to create positive changes in the human energy field. When moved into an energy field, the frequencies there begin to align with those of the unchanging crystal. The process of your body's energy changing to match the higher crystal vibe is called entrainment.

Crystals absorb negative energetic debris from the surrounding environment and people in it. The debris clutters the base energetic frequency and causes interference when trying to accesss the stable healing vibration of the crystal. Thus they need to be cleansed regularly to keep them functioning optimally. Read more about methods to do so here.

We function at our optimal levels when our chakras are clean and clear. The crystals vibrate at different frequencies, as do the energies of the chakra centers. By matching the two, the crystals align and balance each of the chakras. Wearing a chakra bracelet through your day helps to keep all of your chakras bright and vibrant, empowering you to create your best life.

From root to crown, there are many corresponding crystals for each chakra. Lava stones are used to ground these vibrations into the solidity of the Earth's energy. Choose your favorite combination of stones and charms from The Chakra Collection to step into your day, aligned with the energies both within and surrounding you. Create the beautiful day that moves you in the directions of your dreams and deepest knowing.

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