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The Magic of the Restorative Sleep Crystals

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

The Magic of the Restorative Sleep Crystals

We all know the importance of sleep, yet nearly half of Americans in 2020 reported they don’t get enough of it. Why wouldn’t you maximize your chances to rest as deeply as possible every night? Especially if the help comes in the form of something that you don’t ingest, has no side effects, and is beautiful??

The combination of crystals in the bracelets of the Restorative Sleep Collection will leverage your ability to get the sleep you need to restore your energy, regenerate cells, promote growth and repair of tissues, and strengthen the immune system.


Associated with the third eye and crown chakras, amethyst has been used throughout the ages for its powerful energies to purify and protect. As early as 25,000 BC it was used by Neolithic people in Europe, and continued to be used by ancient Egyptians and into Greek and Roman times. Its energy deflects negative energies by blocking them from attaching to you and disrupting your auric field.

Amethyst also helps to open your third eye and increase your introspection and innate intuition. Its energy brings peace, quieting your mind and allowing you to listen to your soul on a deeper level. By tapping into this clarity, making decisions becomes easier and your sense of direction is sharpened.

It’s calming properties quiet an overactive mind, especially when trying to sleep and can improve sleep and protect against nightmares. Beings have found it to be helpful to overcome addiction and giving up bad habits.


Associated with its namesake, moonstone is the stone of new beginnings. The luminous iridescence reflects light like the full moon and encourages personal introspection. It reminds you that like the moon, everything flows in cycles. As the moon repeatedly waxes and wanes, so do the experiences of our lives.

The vibration of this magical stone is identified as being receptive, passive, and intuitive. For beings of feminine energy, moonstone can reveal feminine power, amplify clairvoyance and raise kundalini energy. For beings manifested as masculine energy, moonstone increases intuition and stimulates the right side of the brain to encourage nonlinear thinking. It is the perfect stone to increase intuition and empathy in all beings.

Moonstone's ability to encourage lucid dreaming is amplified at the time of the full moon. It calms emotions and soothes emotional instability and stress. Placing Moonstone over the solar plexus draws out old patterns to be understood in the context of ever-widening and overlapping cycles. Moonstone aligns us with the Goddess and her intuitive knowing of our everchanging roles in the beautiful patterns that form life.

This stone is generally linked with the crown and third eye chakra as it helps tap into intuition and grow empathy. During meditation, it empowers us to dig deep into our psyche and bring the unconscious into awareness for exploration and understanding. This mystical stone taps into the lunar energies and allows intuition to influence decisions over logic.

Quartz (Rose)

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. It is the quintessential stone for unconditional love and infinite peace. It radiates feelings of pure love and compassion. It clears and calms the heart chakra, opening it to experience love. The gentle frequency of rose quartz helps to release jealousy and anger. By drawing off negative energies, it opens room for positive and loving vibrations.

Rose quartz promotes receptivity to beauty at all levels. It comforts grief after love has gone wrong and heals the wounds left behind. It teaches how to love yourself, building this vibration so that it may be shared with others. It invokes self- worth and self-trust. The calming pink hues amplify love and allow you to see your genuine connection to everyone.

When given as talisman of love, compassion and understanding expands through the world. As we shift into new pardigms, a strong heart is essential. The heart center is the strongest generator of Light energy in the body. Let the energies of rose quartz open the seeds of love in your heart so the light and love can grow into a thousand-petaled lotus of Light.

Tap into these beautiful energies using a bracelet from The Restorative Sleep Collection. Wear it on your wrist when sleeping, or place it under your pillow or on a nightstand. The energies of the crystals create the quintessential tool you need to maximize the healing of a blissful nights sleep. Give your mind, body, and soul every advantage to awaken the brightest version of its updated, alchemized self.

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